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Luxembourg Public Holidays

Discover upcoming public holiday dates for Luxembourg and start planning to make the most of your time off.

If a public holiday falls on an employee’s normal day off, the employee is allowed a compensatory paid day of leave, which must be used within three months of the holiday. With permission from an employer, salaried workers in Luxembourg are permitted to celebrate a local or business holiday in lieu of an official public holiday. The law simply provides that every employee shall receive 10 paid holidays per year.

Salaried workers, especially in the financial and banking sectors may be granted additional holidays during bank closures, such as Good Friday. These additional holidays are generally set forth in an employment contract or collective bargaining agreement.

According to the Labour Code, if a public holiday falls on a weekend, employees in the banking industry are entitled to a compensatory day off. Some banks offer a salary premium, depending on the terms set forth in an employment agreement.

If an employee is required to work on a public holiday, additional compensation, known as a premium must be paid by the employer. The amount of the premium varies, depending on the day of the week the employee is required to work and the established regular work schedule. If an employee works on a public holiday on a normal work day, he or she is entitled to regular wages, a 100 percent premium for each hour worked and an extra day of leave. Salary premiums paid for work performed on public holidays are tax-exempt.

If hours on a public holiday are categorized as overtime, an employee is entitled to an extra premium of 40 percent or compensatory rest, calculated at 1.5 hours for each hour of overtime work performed. If a public holiday falls on a Sunday, an employee who works on that day is entitled to the normal hourly wage, a 100 percent premium for each hour, an additional 70 percent premium for Sunday work and an extra day of paid leave.

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