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Pentecost 2024, 2025 and 2026

Pentecost is the name of a Christian feast day that is also known as “Whit Sunday” and “Whitsunday.” It falls fifty days after Easter Sunday and is a public holiday in Luxembourg.

202420 MayMonWhit Monday
20259 JunMonWhit Monday
202625 MayMonWhit Monday
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The Pentecost holiday acknowledges the time the Holy Spirit came down to his apostles and provided them with the ability to communicate in other languages. Many people who reside in Luxembourg celebrate Pentecost each year, with close to 70 percent of residents being Roman Catholic.

Pentecost celebrations are plentiful in Luxembourg. Churches typically acknowledge the holiday via sermon, song or prayer. There are even some churches that participate in more elaborate rituals.

People in Luxembourg can also often take part in events that occur shortly after Pentecost. One example of such an event is the “Féerie du Genêt” or “Geenzefest” in Wiltz. This is a widely known festival and flower parade. It often even features an in-depth street market for people who like to browse and shop. This fun-filled event often takes place on the Monday directly following Pentecost.

Echternach is an eastern Luxembourg commune. People who visit Echternach may be fortunate enough to be able to check out a dancing parade on Whit Tuesday. It has roots that go all the way back to the Medieval period. Pilgrims of that time danced in the direction of Luxembourg’s patron saint’s tomb. That patron saint was Saint Willibrord.

Previous Years

202329 MayMonWhit Monday
20226 JunMonWhit Monday
202124 MayMonWhit Monday
20201 JunMonWhit Monday
201910 JunMonWhit Monday
201821 MayMonWhit Monday
20175 JunMonWhit Monday